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 Gavarell's Characters

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PostSubject: Gavarell's Characters   Wed Feb 22, 2012 5:19 am


Jax Cortez
Misty Corvus


None :>

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PostSubject: Re: Gavarell's Characters   Thu Feb 23, 2012 1:56 pm

Name: Jax Cortez

Age: 27

Species: Special infected; Hunter

personality: Dominant (alpha of a pack), stubborn, protective, suave, strategic, cunning, kind of egotistical.

weapon of choice: Claws and Teeth

background story:
He is a former New Orleans lawyer.
Sadly, when the green flu hit, he was pounced and got a vicious bite from a hunter. (It was shot before it could kill him thankfully)
It took two days after trying to treat the wound. He was near the mississipi, trying to relax after all the symptoms (Itchy eyes, blurred vision, muscle burning/feeling like muscles are inflating painfully hence the desperate attempt with duct tape, Fever hence the hoodie, ect.) He fell in when the Fever made him pass out. He was dragged out soon after and revived with mouth to mouth but he'd gone pale and gained blue-gray skin. It seemed the mutation had wiped out a majority of his pigmentation. (the fish ate his eyes too.)
He awoke in the ambulance, panicked, and killed the EMT to escape. Now he's taken refuge in a city overrun already and leads a small Pack of non-sentient Hunters. (nontalkers)

Personal facts:
-irreversably blind
-relies on audio and vibration echo location
-sensitive nose
-polygamist (just so long as all of his partners know and are cool with it)
-somewhat massochistic
-has a tattoo which will be drawn (TOTALLY A REF TO AU AND I DON'T CAARE lD)



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PostSubject: Re: Gavarell's Characters   Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:23 am

Name: Emizzery "Misty" Feit

Age: 25

Species: Survivor -normal-

personality: Misty is a determined woman with a tough mental shell to crack. She's known to be fond of thunderstorms, cinnamon/vanilla flavored anything, spicy foods, and cats of any kind. She has a low tolerance for bullshit, a high tolerance for it if its from someone under eight years old, and aint afraid to punch a moron out. She has a serious soft spot for children, men with foreign accents, tans, and small amounts of chin stubble... what? She had her types! Problem is, no one ever fitted the criteria that wasnt a douche!

weapon of choice: Auto Shotty or sniper rifle, Pipe bombs, and machettes.... occasionally her fists. alright with handguns but if forced to, still picky. Magnums<3

background story: Emizzery (Misty please) from child hood was always the bad girl. Her mother took pride in how strong willed she was. (she didn't want no sissy for a daughter) Growing up, she was always the one sneaking gum into school, violating uniform dress codes daily, and starting fist fights.
Freshman year of highschool, her father took her hunting and taught her to weild a rifle. Gradually, the hunting rifle she'd learned on was traded in for more powerfull and accurate weapons. Now, she has a scoped sniper rifle she nicknames "Baby". Once out of high school, she'd gone to sign up to be a contract killer... of course there is no LEGAL sign up... she just spread the word, met a few friends, and profited. She abides by the CK's law "Only kill your target. civillians mean no pay..."
Though now that this has started, her targets are the infected. her pay? LIVING.

Personal Facts:
-usually works alone, has had to kill infected team members so is hesitant...
-has a thing for stunguns and such....
-knows the basics of gun repair

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PostSubject: Re: Gavarell's Characters   

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Gavarell's Characters
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