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 Marie's Characters

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PostSubject: Marie's Characters   Marie's Characters Icon_minitimeWed Feb 22, 2012 4:44 pm

Madison Roas

None yet

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PostSubject: Re: Marie's Characters   Marie's Characters Icon_minitimeWed Feb 22, 2012 5:01 pm

(Madison update)

Name: Madison Roas

Age: 26

Species: Huntress(infected)

personality: She is kind but can make assumptions quickly which can lead to her loosing her temper depending the situation. She's also a bit of a dare devil,doing things that would be considered Jack Ass worthy,but she has common sense... just doesn't know how to use it when it comes to to fun. She's lovable and basically tries to live life to the fullest. she can also be stubborn and a bit of a rebel

weapon of choice: her claws and teeth

background story: She grew up in the big city(NYC) which would explain her brooklyn accent. she was the yougest out of two and lived a middle class life. Madison has a love for sports and has a healthy life style. She wanted to be an athletic trainer but to pay for college,leaving to go elsewhere and lived with her brother and his family during the time and to help pay for her education, she took a part time job as a cashier in the local grociery during the time of the outbreak.

Personal Facts: She use to be in a former pack but left due to how they acted like a dictatorship,soon after,so did her brother leave in search for her but by that time she had joined a different pack. She loves kids,they remind her of her niece(her brother is married and has a child) but she died during the outbreak.

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Marie's Characters
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