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 Team Ideas

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PostSubject: Team Ideas   Team Ideas Icon_minitimeTue Mar 06, 2012 12:43 pm

I was thinking, maybe once we get more survivor characters and they interact a little bit, we could write down the teams here. Everyone has to agree to have their character in a team.

MAX TEAM COUNT: Four! Four only. Make sure to take care of your team members.

Max Character count one member can have in one team: 2.

You can have charachters in an unlimited amount of teams but one OC can only be in one team at a time. You need multiple characters for multiple teams XD

Remember. Its dangerous to work alone! (That's why misty is trying to be friendly HA XD*shot*)

If you wish to request to have your OC in a team, post the idea here then PM a Team member.
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Team Ideas
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