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 Cryptic's Abominations

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PostSubject: Cryptic's Abominations   Cryptic's Abominations Icon_minitimeSat Mar 03, 2012 9:42 pm

Name: Victor Ptrovski

Age: 55

Species: Infected Human (Tank)

Personality: Victor has only retained small traces of his former personality through sheer willpower. Half-remembered memories and words plague the fragments of his decaying mind, and at times, these can flare up, making him unpredictable. He kills only when it is essential to his survival, and is content to simply wander about the ruins. He fears little due to his massive size, durability, and strength, and will wander into any "claimed" territory, uncaring of the "consequences". Humans make him uncomfortable, their voices and faces causing his madness to exacerbate, confusing him further, and possibly sending him into a blood fury. He has no compunctions killing a human who attacks him first, but otherwise, he avoids them.

Victor is quite intelligent, but is unable to express the full extent of his intellect due to the de-evolution of his higher brain functions. He operates mostly on instinct, but is able to use advanced reasoning and problem-solving.

Weapon of Choice: His fists, any heavy object he can throw or wield, such as traffic poles, cars, and chunks of asphalt. His blows are powerful enough to kill a man in one blow, even more durable infected can be instantly killed or fatally wounded in one well-placed attack. Inanimate objects such as reinforced stone walls can only withstand a few blows before giving in.

Background Story: Victor was a simple Russian immigrant who inherited his father's Tobacco shop. In his current form, he cannot remember his childhood, his friends, or even his family. Half-remembered faces and phantasmal scenes come to the surface, but always melt away before they can be examined. When the Green Flu epidemic spread, his strong build adapted to it, causing him to ascend beyond being a typical drone into something monstrous. When he slumbers, the agony of the sickness comes to him in his nightmares, the loss and horror forever resonating within the corridors of his shattered mind.

Picture: Victor looks decidedly more bestial than most tanks, his tiny head having elongated into an ape-like snout with sharp teeth. His bulky body is covered in tatters of an old black jacket, thick grey pants covering the upper half of his legs. His skin is pale and jaundiced, his beady eyes completely white. Scars from his various prey-items (which range from fish, to deer, to bears) festoon his forearms and shoulders. Lumpy, healed bullet wounds are visible on his chest and forehead. Coarse, black hair grows along his back, forearms, shoulders, and legs, making him look almost like an over-sized gorilla.
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Cryptic's Abominations
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