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Welcome one and all~! This Roleplay forum is dedicated to the game franchise Left 4 Dead. (or L4d/L4d2)Please read the rules and pay attention to the events!sincerely-The Admin Survivors.
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 Rules and canon list!

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Rules and canon list! Empty
PostSubject: Rules and canon list!   Rules and canon list! Icon_minitimeTue Feb 21, 2012 8:13 pm

-keep things pg13 XD we can get shut down for anything too bad. SORRY NO PR0NZ LOL

-no harassing or bullying! (Critiquing doesn't count >v> and the admins will be the judge if one is being a critic or a bully!)

-keep silly/crack rps to the user's lounge!

-Pairing in mind? Make sure both authors agree to it~

-feeling victimized? Tell an admin via private messaging!

-warning strike system is in effect. Three strikes? You're banned.

-if you're posting an OC profile, please TRY to use your own design! If you're using someone else's art, state it below the image and who the art design belongs to.

-yes. You have to post profiles for both canon AND Original Characters.

-no. You cant just put a link to the canon's wiki and leave it at that. Fill out the form. Their BACKGROUND can have the wiki link.

-As to OCs? There is no limit on how many you may have.

Claiming canon characters:

-a member can only claim ONE canon character from a fandom. (if you have ezio from AC then Coach from L4d then yer cool. no claiming Desmond AND ezio or Ezio and altiar or blahblahblah)

-pm me (Gavarell-nexen) personally with a request to claim! I'll let you know if you get it or if they're taken.

-first come, first serve! First to ask gets the character. Period.

-crossover canons are allowed so long as they fit fairly well in the environment of the group. I wont allow superheros. XD please. Be fair people.

-if you get the canon, use it! Be active! Over two weeks, I'll warn you. It happens again? The character is up for grabs! (If you have a fair reason for a hiatus, you're excused~)




Zoey taken by NamiChan09




Ellis taken by Zeus92







Alex Mercer Taken by ShatteredTearz
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Rules and canon list!
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